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My Story

After the near death of a furry friend from renal failure, I realized I was intuitively using my hands to try to take her pain away. This had a relaxing and calming effect on her and she immediately came to my hands for more and more each day. I was very fortunate at this time to meet both a Hands on Healer and a Reiki Master whose candid conversations about their energy healing practices on animals and people sent me on a path towards exploring this esoteric practice.  A consummate skeptic, unless proven otherwise, I was immediately turned into a believer.  In my very first class, I scanned the energy field a few inches above woman's body and realized that my hands actually hurt a little hurt when I held them anywhere above her legs.  When I asked if she had any discomfort in her legs, she candidly told me that she had MS and Reiki was the only thing that helped with her leg pain.  After I finished, she smiled and thanked me with a sense of relief. Since then, I've been treating both humans and animals and I haven't looked back. 

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